About Moya

About Moya

Moya Transformation Facilitators was founded in 2004 by Dr Tineke Wulffers, initially to provide organisational coaching.  It has since evolved to embrace a more specific focus on the purpose and vision that it wishes to embrace globally, both in collaboration with other leadership development organisations, and an its own.

Moya’s vision is to see a higher quality of positively effective organisational leadership both in South Africa and globally; leaders, like Nelson Mandela, that leave behind powerful legacies, and others wish to emulate. Such profound leaders can navigate themselves and their followers not only in good weather, but also in stormy weather. This requires a strong internal moral leadership compass, as can be found in Authentic Leadership.

Moya’s two-fold purpose encompasses:

  1. Facilitating powerful journeys internationally that allow for the development of individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness (ALE). For further information, see What We Offer.
  2. Disseminating the knowledge of how such leadership effectiveness can be developed. For further information, see About Moya Institute of ALE and About Dr Tineke Wulffers.


About Moya Institute of Authentic Leadership Effectiveness (ALE)

The Moya Institute of Authentic Leadership Effectiveness was founded by Dr Tineke Wulffers in 2014 as a division of Moya Transformation Facilitators.  In collaboration with various academic business schools, its key focus is on further research and dissemination of knowledge on the development and impact of ALE, either through publications or lecturing.  The following publications by Dr Tineke Wulffers are currently available:

  • Wulffers, T. (2017). Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for individuals and teams – A Coaching Approach. Randburg: KR Publishing.
  • Wulffers, T. (2017). Authentic Leadership. In T. H. Veldsman & A. J. Johnson (Eds.), Leadership Excellence: Perspectives from the Frontline. Randburg: Knowledge Resources.
  • Wulffers, T. (2016). Authentic leadership. In T. H. Veldsman & A. J. Johnson (Eds.), Leadership: Perspectives from the frontline (pp. 13). Randburg, South Africa: KR Publishing.
  • Wulffers, T. (2016). Fast-tracking authentic leadership development by means of a programme. South African journal of human resource management, 14(1), 13. doi:10.4102/sajhrm.v14i1.764.
  • Wulffers, T. (2016). Programme effect of authentic leadership development on trust. International journal of complexity in leadership and management, 3(3), 20.
  • Wulffers, M. C. C. (2014). Evaluating a leadership authenticity programme. (PhD), University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg.
  • Wulffers, M. C. C. (2009). Exploring the perceived benefits of the self-development of authentic leadership in organisations through one-to-one coaching.

Dr Tineke Wulffers’ book entitled Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for individuals and teams – A coaching approach, outlines the theoretical and practical underpinnings of how such leadership can be developed effectively and sustainable in a relatively short period. She is available as guest lecturer at academic institutions both in South Africa and abroad, where she shares her knowledge on the topic of the development and impact of ALE.

If you are considering the up-skilling of your panel of leadership coaches in order to be able to facilitate the journey of developing authentic leadership, contact us so that we can assist you.


About Dr Tineke Wulffers

Coaching towards individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness

Personal Statement: At times, my senior clients tell me that the organisational world can ‘squeeze the self out of the self’.  My personal journey has been both challenging and rewarding, and has led me to develop strong inner power, courage, and ongoing curiosity, learning and growth.   These qualities play out in my work, where I support leaders with backbone and heart. My passion is to facilitate the development of individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness towards meeting organisational targets.

Areas of Expertise: I understand the link between driving the bottom-line, performance, and behaviour, and I focus on working with those key leadership individuals and teams wanting to perform at their fullest potential towards successfully achieving their most challenging organisational goals. My work allows leaders to enhance their leadership authenticity, inter-relational trust, and individual and team leadership effectiveness.  With my underpinnings, such as leadership development, adult experiential learning, positive psychology, and systems thinking, I support leaders in their journey towards true and empowering authentic leadership effectiveness, allowing them build their personal, interpersonal and professional leadership skills. To this end I have developed an individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness programme, one of the first internationally that has been scientifically tested in a doctoral study, and found to be effective in achieving intended outcomes.  Finally, I am accredited in both the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools and the Identity Compass® Employee Engagement Profiling tools.