Authentic Leadership Effectiveness

for Individuals and Teams:

A Coaching Approach

Until recently, the belief was that authentic leadership (AL), regarded as the highest form of leadership effectiveness, could be developed only during life events and leadership episodes. At best, one could develop authentic leadership through ‘life’s programme’!  However, companies do not have a lifetime to wait for the development of such leadership!  They need authentic leadership effectiveness now! For the first time, the book entitled, ‘Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals and Teams’, written by me,  Dr Tineke Wulffers, and published by Knowledge Resources (2017), changes all of this.  Not only does it outline what AL is and immense impact it can have, but also how such leadership can be developed in an individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness programme.

I illustrate how this type of leadership effectiveness can be developed, and I cite case studies of organisational leaders who embarked on Moya’s authentic leadership effectiveness (ALE) programmes, and who developed remarkable ALE within themselves, their teams and their organisations.  In one case study, the leader illustrated that the organisation’s return on investment on engaging in an individual and team ALE programme with me yielded a tenfold return on investment for their organisation within a short space of time.  When I did my calculations on the figures he had cited, the ROI was not tenfold, but twenty-fold.  That is impressive!

The important thing to remember in times when an organisation’s back is to the wall, is not to cut back on leadership development, but rather to select a proven and powerful leadership development programme. The next important consideration is that leaders will yield results beyond their highest expectations as long as they have sufficient leadership development readiness, which includes taking ownership of the work they need to do, both individually and collectively as a team. The programme effectiveness has been proven!