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Main accreditation training objective 

The accreditation training for coaching for individual authentic leadership effectiveness comprises 5 days, 4 consecutive days and the 5th day one month later.  This training will consist of theory, demonstration, and practice, and during this experiential training, delegates will go through the actual ALE journey themselves as they experience giving and receiving ALE coaching.

This training commences by considering the need for positive leadership effectiveness. It introduces what authentic leadership (AL) entails, and how it relates to various forms of positive leadership. It highlights the positive impact individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness (ALE) typically has across various personal and organisational contexts. More specifically it explores the impact of AL on enhancing inter-relational trust, and individual and team leadership effectiveness. It explores the criteria that are important in the development of individual and team ALE, and how this can be developed by means of an individual and team coaching programme.

For the most part, participating coaches will experience the six steps of individual ALE coaching, outlined in the book, entitled ‘Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for individuals and teams – A Coaching Approach’, allowing them to develop or increase their own authentic leadership effectiveness before facilitating this extraordinarily powerful journey with their leadership clients.

This is a unique opportunity for you too…

  • Explore the need for positive leadership effectiveness.
  • Understand what AL entails.
  • Appreciate the impact of AL, specifically on inter-relational trust, individual and team leadership effectiveness.
  • Acknowledge the importance of individual and collective leader developmental readiness.
  • Highlight important criteria that need to be present in an individual ALE coaching programme.
  • Experience the 6 coaching steps of developing individual ALE, both as coach and coachee.
  • Have an experiential understanding of the development of an internal AL Compass and AL Effectiveness Charter (ALEC)

Day 2-5: Learn the 6 steps coaching process in developing individual ALE:

Step 1: Develop initial awareness and introduce adult experiential learning.

Step 2: Identify personal, interpersonal and professional ALE outcomes, supported by key behavioural indicators.

Step 3: Identify life and leadership themes that have shaped the current self

Step 4: Identify the internal compass that informs the current self.

Step 5: Strengthen the internal AL compass towards the next level of the possible self and build the AL Effectiveness Charter.

Step 6: Consolidate towards the next level of systemic Authentic Leadership Effectiveness (on day 5).


At times, her leadership clients tell her that the organisational world can ‘squeeze the self out of the self’.  In response, her passion is to facilitate the development of individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness (ALE) towards meeting their organisational outcomes and business results. Research has indicated that whilst authentic leadership is the foundation of numerous forms of positive leadership, it also equates to the highest level of effective leadership. Authentic Leadership (AL), simply stated, is to be true to thy self and thy leadership position, with a strong moral underpinning, for the greater good of all.  It starts with the awareness and commitment to self and, as it pertains to leadership, it needs to include one’s awareness and commitment to how one leads others. 

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND:Tineke’s full-time leadership coaching career commenced in 2005, where she facilitates individual and team leadership and executive coaching journeys mainly at senior and executive levels. She also trains leaders how to use coaching in their interactions with others. Client list includes: Senior and executive leadership and management globally within organisations such as Adcock Ingram, EDCON, ABSA Bank, Absa Capital Bank, Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank, Goldfields, Anglogold Ashanti, Johannesburg Water, Gauteng Provincial government, AB InBev, SABIC, Unicef, MTN, and Vodacom.

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND AND FOCUS: Tineke is a post-graduate lecturer, supervisor and examiner, both at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and Wits Business School (WBS) in South Africa, and lectures at various universities, both in South Africa and in Holland. She holds a Masters (cum laude) in Professional Coaching with the University of Middlesex (UK), and a PhD in Personal and Professional Leadership in the Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg. 

There is immense value in being both a practitioner and researcher in the area of leadership development, and especially in the area of Authentic Leadership, which is currently being focused on in response to the recent spate of reported unethical scandals in the organisational world.  Tineke has various publications on this top, of which the most well-known is her book entitled, Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for individuals and teams – A Coaching Approach, published in 2107 by Knowledge Resources.

In all that she does, she endeavours to stay true to her own AL purpose, which is to facilitate the development of increased moral and effective leadership, in all spheres of life, both in her own country, South Africa, and globally across the world. In 2019 she will commence with the accreditation of Authentic Leadership Effectiveness Coaching.