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Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals & Teams

The Authentic Leadership Effectiveness programme can be offered on an individual basis to leaders, or it can be offered to individual and team leadership. The individual and team ALE programme commences with the development of individual ALE, followed by the development of team ALE. The programme usually assumes the format of six structured individual face-to-face coaching sessions per leader, approximately two weeks apart. This is followed by three team-coaching sessions, approximately one month apart, during which interpersonal and organisational leadership within the team is enhanced through collective training, coaching, and experiential learning. The content can be somewhat tailored according to emerging individual and team requirements.

The purely individual programme assumes an approximately 20-hour coaching format, of which the first half follows the same format as the individual and team ALE programme.  Thereafter, the second half continues along the format of normal executive coaching.

For more information on the development of individual and team authentic leadership effectiveness, contact us, or else visit the preface, and learn more about Chapter 6 and 7, ‘High-level and Detailed Overview of an Authentic Leadership Programme’ – in my book, entitled ‘Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals and Teams – A Coaching Approach’.


One-on-One Executive Coaching

Whilst coaching is a conversation, it is not simply a chat, nor is it teaching, training, telling, counselling, or mentoring. Coaching is about facilitating change through listening, challenging, supporting, questioning, testing, and giving feedback. It is about understanding how we manage our brain for more effective performance in life and work. It is about facilitating new awareness, new solutions and outcomes, through dialogue.

Coaching needs to support individuals’ growth by helping them to understand themselves better, to reflect on their work, to challenge their assumptions, and to experiment with new behaviours and attitudes. Not only does this allow individuals to build more power within, to have a better understanding of self and others, and build up a self-coaching and -development toolkit, it also gives teams and organisations the advantage of having compelling role models, ideally resulting in a positive impact on their bottom lines.

We offer one-to-one coaching for senior and executive leadership. It is our belief that each one of us needs to be able to truly understand and lead ourselves before we can be successful in leading others. Contact us for more information on our one-on-one executive programmes, which can take place face-to-face, else telephonically or via Skype.


Leader as Coach Training

More and more organisations are realising the value of their people, and that that there is a better and more empowering way of managing and leading self and others in the workplace.  We assist organisations by offering journeys that allow their leaders to develop coaching skills that allow empowering and inspirational interactions with others. Contact us for more information on our Leader as Coach training. A more compressed version of this training also forms part of the team ALE programme.  Contact us for more information on our leader as coach training.


Pre-Leadership Development Assessments

Before engaging in a leadership development, it is always useful to get a self-assessment, or even better still, a 360 sense of the development gaps to focus on.  We are an accredited provider or the following assessments, together with feedback:

Please contact us should you wish to learn more about our service offerings in the area of developing sustainable Leadership Effectiveness for individuals and teams.